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The Nightlife Moscow - Travis Luedke

Ok, let me start by saying if u have not been reading Nightlife series, turn around right now and get them all! I am a fan of this series!  It is Fangtastic!!!

Travis does a really great job with recapping the series so far.  You can pick this book up and not have to re-read the first 4 (even though I did cause I just had to read them again!!)  This book picks up right where you were left off.

Aaron with all his women are in Russia.  Yes he has his own harem of women now lol  From his master Urvashi..to his love Michelle...and now with his bloodslave Katya.  They are all helping the wolfpack locate Dmitir in Russia.  Once they figure out that Dmitri is selling this drug otrok they need to find him to put a stop to it.  When they finally catch Dmitir so much more is discovered.  He was not selling it but helping out bloodslaves so they would not need him all the time.  Urvashi wants to destroy the drug for he should have never had it in the first place.  However, Katya talks her into letting her keep it so he does not need Aaron as much.  This puts a huge reef in between Aaron and her.  For Aaron realizes that he does care for his bloodslave and her withdrawing from him does not sit well with him.  Aaron discovers Dmitir's secret diary which shows him secrets to the drug that shows that it prolongs the life of bloodslaves not deplete them.  You can tell that something is going on with Urvashi but you will not find out what that is until the end.  I will not give that way, but let me tell you you will never guess it right until you read it.  This secret of Urvashi's forces Aaron to meet with people he did not know of.  Aaron has no choice but to take the deal that is given to him and try to move on with all that has happened.